Friday, September 28, 2007

Boyie stuff

Why does is girlie a word, but not boyie?

Here's a girlie thing, my half finished (the back half) Tank Girl from Stitch and Bitch. I aim to get it done in time for below zero temperatures! Luckily the recipient is from Brazil, so she could always fly home to find weather she could wear it in.

Here's some boyie stuff....

A knitted English driving cap.
It came out too big for me, but it fits the BF fine, so hopefully Arizona boy has a big head.

It knitted up pretty quick, definitely a good gift for a certain uncle come the holidays. Only, I'll alter from the pattern to make it a bit smaller.

For the rest of the SO swap I made a freezer paper stencilled t-shirt, polymer clay covered pencils, and developed a new skill - bookmaking! I made a coptic bound notebook using directions in The Crafter Culture Handbook. It came out pretty cool, and of course I forgot to take a picture!