Friday, October 19, 2007


Whew it's been a busy week. I went to visit my sister over the weekend, we threw an anniversary party for my parents, then we went to WEBS in Northampton for the Crochet Me book release event. It was great fun, and we both won door prizes. Check out the Crochet Me Crochet-a-long blog, there's a slideshow and one of the pics is of the author, Kim Werker, and I with our crochet revolution armbands. Edit- Kim also posted about the event (and that picture again!) on the Crochet Me blog.
The other busy-ness was starting my new job! Yay. It's exciting but I have a LOT to learn and big shoes to fill in the position.


  1. I was scanning through your blog and the work Northampton sprang out at me! I'm in Northampton, UK!

  2. Ha! I'd say it's a small world, only, I'm pretty sure half of the cities in my neck of the woods have the same name as the cities around you. The colonists weren't very original! Northampton, Massachusetts is one of my favorite towns around. It's a college town, very artsy, very openminded, LOTS of cool shops.