Thursday, February 21, 2008


Hurrah, the lost package has been found!

Now for pics of what I sent-

Knit gauntlets, shortened from the Lace -Up Opera Gloves pattern by Ysolda Teague found on Ravelry. They were supposed to be laced up with ribbon, but as this was the Buy Nothing Swap, and I had no ribbon, I made i-cord for the laces instead.

Knit dishcloths

A wallet and bracelet made from the circuit board from inside a keyboard, and magnets made from the keys. Searching for that keyboard is what caused my closet fiasco.

Polymer clay embellished crochet hooks

And- A crocheted bookmark, from the Fan Bookmark pattern by Crochetroo on Ravelry.

I'm so glad it wasn't all lost to the unknown forever...

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  1. **phew** big sigh of relief all around huh?! I love the gauntlets btw : )