Thursday, March 20, 2008

sink, sank, sunk

Sat myself down on the couch to do a bit of knitting for the kitchen swap. I have precious few days before I have to send it out, and I'm a bit behind, so I was looking forward to really cranking through some yarn tonight. I was moving right along, when all the sudden-Kerplunk! Yeah there was a cup of coffee nestled between my thighs, and I dropped the damn ball of yarn right in it. It was just bobbing around in that nice french roast. UGH. I've been knitting and drinking hot tasty beverages together for years, this was my first incident, and of course it had to happen when I'm on a deadline. So I rinsed out the yarn and unraveled it, and now it's hanging off a doorknob drying, with the needle and knitting still attached. I'm hoping for the best when it dries...


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