Monday, July 21, 2008

Zucchini Zealot

Remember this little guy? Well, Mr. Zucchini has had many, many siblings. I've been picking at least two a day and, all for me, hubby doesn't eat squash. Don't get me wrong, I love zucchini and the gloriousness of a bountiful harvest, but it's been a smidge overwhelming. So far I've made zucchini-

  • Sauteed with fresh herbs and butter

  • Marinated in salad dressing and grilled

  • Shredded along with some onion, sauteed, and covered in fresh parmesan

  • Sauteed with onions, salsa, and cilantro

  • Muffins
  • Omelets

stuffed and baked

  • Stuffed with mushrooms, artichokes, homemade wheat bread, and fresh herbs. Baked in the toaster oven, it was way too hot out to turn on the full size one.

  • Shredded into veggie burgers, along with portabella mushrooms and quinoa. I found the excellent recipe in the July issue of Martha Stewart Living magazine.

freeze, zucchini

  • And... frozen for posterity.


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