Friday, September 5, 2008


Yes, so I've been home from Seattle for four days and yet to post anything about it. The trip was awesome and I promise to share the juicy bits, but not now. Now I'm in mourning for my cable tv, which has been out since Wednesday afternoon. I didn't realize how addicted to tv I've become. There was a point 6 years ago or so when I didn't want or need cable, objected to paying for it, and only ended up having it because my roommates decided to subscribe. Now the tv is my companion, and I'm lonely without it. It's so quiet in here. I can't think straight. Or post anything worthwhile or interesting. Last night I was seriously regretting having thrown out the bunny ears we used to have before cable. At least I could watch a couple of local stations. The cable guy is coming on Sunday. He better fix my friend!


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