Sunday, December 7, 2008

Crafty Opportunities

Today's plan was my annual trek into Boston for the Bazaar Bizarre, but the weather didn't cooperate. My family and friends from Western Mass were planning on driving out to join me, but the snow kept them closer to home. I was still thinking about going solo, but I decided I'd rather not try to stay warm and dry while walking around the city. The snow sure was pretty though, the kind that covers everything like powdered sugar, but not enough accumulation to have to pull out the shovel.

First Snow

So I didn't get to see the new venue this year and I missed out on all the exciting craziness that is the Bazaar, but did not deny myself a crafty outing. Instead I popped over to Yarns in the Farms for the Twist Collective trunk show. It was inspiring to see all the lovely Twist patterns in the flesh (or fleece, as it were). I got to try on the Sylvi coat, which is even more amazing in person, and the Postwar and Lotus Leaf mittens, and see so many of the gorgeous sweaters, scarves, hats, and mittens from the Fall and Winter issues. I met the lovely Julia from Twist, and Tink and Wink and everyone at the Farms were enthusiastic and helpful as always. I ended up buying the pattern and yarn for the Lotus Leaf mittens.

Lotus Mitten Makings
The turquoise will be the main color of the mittens, with the orange as the lotus and leaf pattern. I'm making them for myself as soon as I finish up the rest of my holiday gift making.


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