Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Onesies on the runway

For my sis's baby shower, hubby and I designed some killer stenciled duds.

Stencil making material
The most important ingredient: freezer paper.
It makes a super easy fusible stencil material AND keeps your steak from freezer burn. Seriously. Here's a detailed tutorial. Check out this other great set of tuts on stenciling, too.

Fabric paints
Second important ingredient, fabric paint. Third, cotton onesies, washed. Now go find yourself some quirky sayings or cute graphic designs on the internet. Or design your own. Print out.

Original print outs and stencils
Now trace onto your freezer paper. Cut out the parts that correspond to the black bits. Don't forget to reserve interior details, like the inside of the O's. Use a dry iron set to cotton, iron on your stencils. They'll stick after only a few seconds. Don't forget to iron on those O centers, too.

Painting in the stencil
Now you're ready to paint. Use several light coats instead of one thick one.

It was the dog
Let dry to the touch, then peel off the stencil. Voila! Haute couture à la bébé. Allow to dry overnight and heat seat per your fabric paint's instructions.

Skull and diaper pins
I detailed this design with a fabric marker after the pink paint dried.
She's gonna have spunk, style, and spit-up.


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