Saturday, May 9, 2009

Steampunk Library

I'm loving how the Steampunk movement is reemerging in my scope of consciousness right now, popping up in such places as issue 17 of Make Magazine, 'Lost Knowledge' and episode 3 of G4 Underground, 'Urban Spelunking and Steampunk'. Feeling inspired, and with the gears in motion for buying our first house, I'm daydreaming about creating a Steampunk influenced library in our new place. We already have a few pieces for the space: several world maps that we acquired on our honeymoon, my newly reupholstered armchair,

Laurie's armchair

Dan's antique cupboard,

Antique cabinet

a replica classic globe, and lots and lots of books.
I only wish we had more musty, leather bound tomes.

Some things we're missing are appropriate bookshelves...

some art...

and maybe a phonograph. Who doesn't need a phonograph?

I've found more inspiration at The Steampunk Home, Brass Goggles, The Steampunk Workshop,
and searches on Etsy and Flickr.


  1. That phonograph is the best thing ever!

  2. Isn't it? I'd love to find one!