Wednesday, April 16, 2008

well dressed

Spent the day at the mall with Mom yesterday. They're filming a movie there, and apparently it's Christmas at the mall in the movie. It was strange seeing Santa's house, garland, and ornaments in April. There were Christmas themed sweatshirts on clearance at Sears, and I said we should each get one and then hang around the Santa set until they started filming so we could get in the movie. We didn't.
We did get me a dress for my wedding (the red one, no way am I wearing white!). I still need shoes and jewelry, and I think I want to do a turquoise and red combo- so if anyone knows where I can pick up some turquoise/red sandals/heels and a necklace, let me know. I think I'm going to pop over to etsy on the necklace, but I looked last night on zappos for shoes and didn't see anything that spoke to me. I have a hard time finding shoes that fit, I wear a size 11 and have wide feet.
The other great experience at the mall was my first visit to Anthropologie. I always see Anthropologie inspired creations on Craftster, and I can see why people love their style so much. I wanted to take home EVERYTHING in the store. I restrained myself, because I can't fit in their clothes, and there was nothing I really needed for my house (except a toothbrush holder, and I didn't see one there). I took home lots of inspiration, though.

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