Monday, May 19, 2008

waz up

Well, I've been sucessfully married for almost two weeks now. So far so good!
Tomorrow I'm planning on planting my bed in the new community garden down the street. They broke ground a couple of weeks ago, and I spent last Tuesday afternoon spreading manure and lime with some of my fellow gardeners. I've had a container garden on my balcony for quite a few summers, but this will be my first foray in the real dirt (besides helping my parents with their garden when I was growing up). I'm planting tomatoes and cucumbers for sure, and I'm thinking maybe string beans or squash as well. I already planted lettace and snap peas on the balcony before I knew if would get a garden plot, so they'll stay there. I'll probably also keep my herbs on the balcony, I like to grab a handful close by while I'm cooking.
In crafting land, I've only been working on one project recently, the knitted companion cube for my hubby. So far so good, with one minor setback. I somehow twisted my stitches on my circular needle and didn't realize till a good ten rows in. Normally I would frog and start over, but I figure for this project, it won't stay as a single piece, I'll be steeking and cutting it into six pieces, so the twist shouldn't matter at that point (I HOPE, I've never steeked before!). Right now it's just annoying, because the work doesn't slide easily around the needle.


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