Wednesday, May 7, 2008


I got married yesterday. It was a private ceremony at our justice of the peace's house.

Here we are, the happy couple, moments after marriage.

The obligatory rings picture. Mine is white gold, his is titanium.

After the ceremony, we had celebratory starbucks.

Then we went out to lunch with my family at the Red Rock Bistro. The Red Rock is right on the ocean with a great view. The whole meal was amazing (I had lobster pizza, which sounds weird, but was very, very wonderful) but dessert was the most photogenic. On the left is chocolate peanut butter banana ice cream cake, on the right is a raspberry napoleon.
After lunch, my sister and I frolicked in the Atlantic for a bit, then we all went back to my apartment and visited. As is customary at our family gatherings of late, we played bowling on the Wii. My grandmother used to play on a league, and she loves to play on the Wii, so she always instigates a game. After the folks left, Dan and I went to see Iron Man, which was a decent action movie even for someone like me without prior knowledge of the comic book. All in all a great day!

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  1. awwwww weddings make me cry. It sounds like you had a wonderful day, everything a wedding day should be - and the red dress looked lovely with that wrap : )