Monday, June 2, 2008

whole lotta post

First- as promised, pictures of the community garden...

Palmer Cove Community Garden
Here's a view of the garden taken from the far corner, facing the harbor. Yep, that's right, I have a garden right on the ocean, next to the yacht club. Sounds high class! The garden extends about the same distance again to the left, which you can't see in this shot.

My plot from the other side
Here's my plot. It's not much to look at now, but half of it is still seeds in the ground. From the near edge in the photo, I have planted two zucchini plants, two eggplants, a row of dwarf sunflowers along the left edge, tomatoes, marigolds, a row of bush beans, a row of cucumbers, and a little patch of leaf lettace. Hopefully it all prospers. It's been very dry here lately, so I've been out to water it every evening so far.

In other news, we had ourselves a sucessful party here yesterday, to celebrate our newlywed status. Hubby and I usually try to throw a party and end up with no guests or too few to really call it a party. But we had a good 25 people show up yesterday, and it was great fun. I got some lovely gifts, including a breadmaker!! which I'm very excited about. I'll spare you the oodles of pictures, but here's the cake my sister and I made.

wedding cake
She baked it at home on Friday, then she came up Saturday to help me cook and get ready for the party, and we frosted and decorated it. It's chocolate cake filled with chocolate mousse, slathered in fudge frosting, and covered in mini chocolate chips. It was glorious chocolate overload.

Lastly, Kookie, I accept the challenge of your tag! You'll be learning all about me in tomorrow's post. I'll even follow suit with you and find some 1998 pictures to post!

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  1. sunflowers, cucumbers and an ocean view - I'd be in heaven : ) I'm looking forward to see the fruits (veggies)of your labour!