Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Okay, per Kookie's request, here's the Q&A about me.

What was I doing ten years ago?
Ten years ago this month I graduated from high school. I scanned a couple of pictures from my high school scrapbook.
prom date
Here's a picture from my senior prom. I'm on the left. My aunt made me the dress, designed based a 1970's bridesmaid's dress I found in my best friend's hall closet. I still love that dress.
drama club seniors
Here's a photo from graduation of all the seniors in the drama club. I'm fourth from the right. The girl on the far right ended up enlisting in the air force, looks like she had the military picture face down long before she joined up!

Five things on my non-work to do list today.
1. Call doctor and schedule an appointment for me. (check)
2. Call vet and schedule an appointment for Duncan, my ferret. (check)
3. Write thank you notes for wedding presents. (I got three done...)
4. Plant more beans where beans failed to come up in the garden. (check)
5. Bake bread in my new bread machine. (check and yum!)

Snacks I enjoy-
Nachos, pretzels, nuts, yogurt, dark chocolate, special K with berries, cheese and crackers.

Things I would do if I was a billionaire-
World travel. Buy a nice house to come back to when I'm done.

Places I have lived-
Chicopee, Massachusetts. I grew up in Chicopee, lived there from birth to 18 years old.
Salem, Massachusetts. I came to Salem for college and haven't left yet, except for a short stint in...
Coldwater, Michigan. I lived in Coldwater for one summer in college while I worked summer stock as a scenic artist for the Tibbit's Opera House.

Jobs I have had-
Playground attendant for Chicopee's Park & Recreation department, for several summers while I was in high school.
Cashier at Arby's Roast Beef. I am a vegetarian now and I was then, also. It was a tramatic experience. Their roast beef is not a real cut of meat, it starts life as a large frozen chunk of a pink meatloaf-like substance. Like seasoned ground beef held together with gelatin. Yum?
Salesclerk at the now defunct Filene's Department Store.
Resident assistant and front desk receptionist at Bowditch Hall at Salem State College.
Scenic artist for Tibbits Opera House.
Scenic artist for Salem State Summer Theatre.
Salesclerk and then assistant manager at The Limited Too, a girls clothing store.
Salesclerk, then decorative specialist, then assistant manager at Sherwin-Williams Paints.
Whatever I am now (I don't have an official title) at Waters & Brown Paint and Decorating. I work on the paint counter, but also dabble in the decorating department.

People I want to know more about-
Okay, this is a tough one. I read a lot of people's blogs, but I don't think anyone besides Kookie ever reads mine... but here goes.
Kim. Kim, we've met irl once, at the Crochet Me book party at Webs. I wore my crochet revolution armband and my sister won the biggest door prize. I hope you'll humor me and respond to my tag!

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