Sunday, September 7, 2008

Crafty Little Big Planet

While I was at PAX, I became enamored with a soon to be released PS3 game called "Little Big Planet". The game features a handcrafted landscape made of fabric, cardboard, yarn, zippers, buttons, and other crafty materials. And of course it's super cute. I'm a sucker for crafty and cute.

Here I am with my ironically not so little LPB bag from PAX.

The gameplay encourages creativity too, you can decorate your space in the game and create your own levels. According to Media Molecule, the creators of LBP, " Characters have the power to move anything in this glued and stitched-together landscape; they have the power to design, shape and build both objects and entire locations for others to play." The Playstation Network is sparking creativity in LPB fans even before its release. On the LBP News site, they're running contests for character and print ad designs for the graphically inclined among us. If you prefer scissors and glue, check out their papercraft sackboy.
And if you like yarn, read on...

This is a Sackboy, the customizable playable character in LBP. Yes, he's KNITTED! I knew all those knitters and crocheters out there wouldn't take long to start making their own little Sackboys and Sackgirls. One quick internet search and I'd found LBP fans that had already taken up their needles and hooks. Here's a crocheted Sackboy by user Lanaglama on Ravelry, wife of the senior programmer for LBP. He looks so perfectly endearing and squeezable.

This Sackboy with a dragon costume was recreated in the yarn-flesh by one of the mother of an game artist. Click here to see what she made.... So awesome!

As of today, there are two other users on Ravelry with Sackboys in the works. I can't wait to see what other handmade LBP goodness gets created once the game is released. I'm keeping my feelers out there for more awesomeness.


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