Monday, July 20, 2009

Top 10

Things I love about my new house.

1o. Plenty of room for entertaining.
9. I can put on my own little cooking show on my kitchen island.
8. My stove boils water faster than my old one, and the oven heats consistently to the temperature I want.
7. I have my own patch of land to plant.
6. Dan gets his own room for his collection.
5. Ferrets fighting while rolling down the stairs is hilarious.
4. I get to park in my own driveway.
3. Laundry room is on the first floor, and I don't need quarters to run the machines.
2. Two words : Two toilets!
1. I haven't needed to call the cops on the neighbors once yet!

We're settling in nicely here. Unpacking and redecorating are nearly finished, pictures to come soon.


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