Thursday, August 13, 2009

Next tour starts in 5 minutes

We had a housewarming party this weekend, an open house all afternoon and evening. Somehow our guests managed to show up at pretty regular intervals throughout the party, so we were running house tours every fifteen minutes. The highlight of the tour, at least in my opinion, was the library.

Steampunk Library

Yes, the Steampunk Library! It's in its infancy now, there are a few more elements I definitely want, and of course I would love suggestions to increase the steaminess. Obviously missing is a window treatment. I'd also like a reading lamp and a footstool. We also own several antique reproduction maps that have yet to make it on the walls.

Steampunk Library

The wallspace next to the tall bookshelf is reserved for some form of loft access. We're thinking a library ladder, if anyone knows a good source for one, let me know. We'd also like some kind of shelving or storage system for the loft. I made my hubby crazy arranging and rearranging the boxes we have up there so you can't see them from below. I think cardboard visible up there, like it is in the photo, is an eyesore. Any thoughts? Do share!


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