Sunday, September 13, 2009

View from the sewing machine

My parents stayed over last weekend and helped us fill gaps in the foundation and clean the gutters. Thanks Mom and Dad! It rained all day yesterday, and the basement stayed completely dry.

Blueberry breakfast

They also brought some home grown produce, including the blueberries for this cereal box photo- worthy breakfast. Only those ads have orange juice and milk, not pink lemonade, right?
I was off work until Thursday, I took vacation time to see Ana off on Wednesday. Hope her return to Brazil and her family if going well. Then I had to work a whole three days. Such a long week.

View from the sewing machine

This weekend, I've been hanging out with Dan on his first day of vacation and sewing Megan's first Halloween costume, a little brown bear, Simplicity pattern 7317. So far it's coming out just like I'd hoped.

Bear costume progress

I have the bodysuit completely done, and started the hood. The fabric is fleece, so she can wear it instead of coat. Or whatever babies use for outwear. Hopefully it fits!


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