Friday, April 23, 2010

Airship Pirates!


When we bought our house last year, the previous owner had a flagpole attached to the side of the house. I never noticed the flag when we went to the first showing, but Dan did. He started talking about getting a pirate flag to hang there, even before we owned the house.

Original design sketch

Once we moved in and finished unpacking, we started shopping for a pirate flag. We wanted something different from the typical Jolly Roger, nothing too "Pirates of the Caribbean" looking. We searched the internet and couldn't find anything we liked. As lovers of Steampunk aesthetic, we decided to design a flag that airship pirates might fly. We designed it in one night, but the flag stayed a sketch for many months while I finished up other projects and looked for local help with flag-making.

Scaling up

I stopped in to Sew Creative in Beverly looking for resources, and the owner suggested I contact a woman who used to teach a flag-making class there, Carol.

Carol said "lots of pins"

Carol and I emailed back and forth over the winter months, and finally in March we met up at the Sunday Sew-in at Bernina Design Workshop in Topsfield.

Satin stitch action

There, in the span of an afternoon, Carol taught me how to construct my own custom Jolly Roger.

Finished head

I also met some other amazing sewing enthusiasts and artists. BDW has a wonderful little community of people who frequent there. I was back again this month for another Sunday Sew-in, but that's story of another project for a later time. 


Now our airship pirate flag is on display. It took me almost a year, from idea to completion, but I'm really happy I saw it though. Dan and I are both thrilled with the result. 

Flag on display


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