Monday, October 17, 2011

Glitter Gore Trophies

Finished trophies

Nothing says Halloween like severed body parts and glitter! When I saw this great trophy idea on Dollar Store Crafts, I loved it, and decided to make them for my friend's Halloween party.

Getting ready to spray paint
One trip to the Dollar Tree later, I had my hands and skull. I also picked up some wooden plaques, glitter, and scrapbooking labels at the craft store, and spray paint and upholstery tacks from the decorating store where I work. I sprayed the body parts and labels first with Fusion spray paint, which sticks really well to plastic, then with a brighter gold spray paint.

Staining the bases
While the spray paint dried, I stained the plaques.

Next, I brushed tacky glue on the bloody bits of the hands and sprinked on the red glitter. I did the same with the recesses in the skull and black glitter.

Attaching labels

I printed out award designations, taped them inside the label holders, and then affixed them to the plaques with upholstery tacks. When the glue was dry on the body parts, I hot glued them to the bases. 


The perfect award for an awesome costume, like an amazing Edward Scissorhands. 


Of course, because I made the awards, I couldn't take one home, but I rocked as Rosie the Riveter, don't you think?


  1. Great job on your trophies AND your Rosie the Riveter costume!! I might have to steal that one this year :)

  2. These are great! I spray painted people fiures last year for the kids party, and they loved them! This would be awesome for an adult party!

  3. Thank you for the compliments, ladies. I just saw the post on Dollar Store Crafts about using animal figurines to make bookends. I think I know what I'm doing with my leftover gold spray paint (and maybe some glitter, too)!