Friday, May 2, 2008

seasonally appropriate

My tank girl is finally off the needles, just in time for warmer weather. It's drying right now, pictures to come. (Edited to add picture).

Woo-boy, I never thought I'd finish it. I finished the first half in no time, but then I got bored and put it aside for 6 or so months. I finished the second half of it a week or so ago, then seamed it up. Somehow I managed to a)make the back piece wider than necessary, b)make the straps too short, and c) seam it up lopsided so one armhole was bigger than the other. Good thing I didn't realize all these things at the same time, or I may have just given up. First I figured out the strap length problem, so I ripped the seams and lengthened the straps. Then, once I could actually try it on, I figured out the other two problems, ripped out one of the side seams and re-did it so the whole thing was even, and then made the front the back because it fit better that way (too wide back = more room for chest on front, which was actually a happy accident). I added some crochet edging along the neckline, and voila! Now I hope it fits its intended recipient, fingers crossed.

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  1. If I've counted right then today is your big day : )