Monday, June 9, 2008

ahh, relief...

It has been in the 90's (32C or so) here the last few days. I was thrilled to go to my central air cooled workplace this morning after spending yesterday sweltering in my apartment. But this evening the we got a wonderful off-shore breeze, it feels like someone turned on a giant air conditioner. Which, for me, is magnified by the fact that I do not own even a very small air conditioner.
In the heat of the weekend I managed to do a few rows of knitting here and there, and I visited my garden every evening. Not much to report from my bit of earth, the only crop I've reaped so far is a bit of lettuce (but a tasty bit). Everything seems to be growing well, and with weather like we've had I suspect it'll keep on growing.
My other activity the last few days has been playing with my Wii Fit. It's a balance board and accompanying game/exercise tool for the Nintendo Wii, and so far it's very fun. You get to play with a virtual hula-hoop in one of the games! We'll see if I keep with it, I'm quite fickle and get bored easily. At one point I was enraptured with Dance Dance Revolution for fun and exercise, and now I rarely ever play. I guess it's not so bad that I don't stick with one thing, as long as I keep doing something to stay in shape.


  1. My sister recently bought a Wii with the sport game - I'd love one, especially with the 'fit' package. Just need the cash now :-)

  2. My younger sis insists the Wii fit is the most fun EVER.