Friday, January 15, 2010

Don't encourage him

I know I shouldn't indulge my husband in his zombie-ridden apocalypic fantasies, but after he got his Urban Bone Machete, Mark II, he asked me to make him a sign with which to display it.

Commisioned to make a craft project, I'm helpless but to oblige, as evidenced here and here. So I present "In Case of Zombies".

In Case of Zombies

Its a blank pine plaque I bought at AC Moore. I woodburned the lettering, filled in with colored pencil, attacked it with a meat cleaver (the one knife I never use, and didn't feel really bad about mistreating), and distressed it with artists' acrylics mixed with matte medium. Here's an in progress pic. More pics to follow once we get it and the machete up on the wall.

In Case of Zombies in progress

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  1. You'll thank me when the zombies come and you are like "oh, well good things this machete was easily identifiable as a way to kill zombies."